Abnova specializes in the rapid and efficient establishment of stable cell lines that can constitutively express the excellent quality of rabbit, mouse, or human monoclonal antibodies. High efficient expression constructs are transfected and stably integrated into the mammalian 293 or CHO-S cell genome. After multiple post-transfection passages in selection media, high-expression clones from the stably transfected population are then isolated and verified for IgG expression by SDS-PAGE Coomassie Blue staining and ELISA. Subsequent development and optimized growth of these positive clones will be promoted in a serum-free suspension environment. Within 2-4 months, the top three expression cell lines with three vials each will be ready for delivery. Service for antibody production following the generation of the stable cell lines at gram quantities is also available. The actual turnaround time for scale-up antibody production and purification may vary for each cell line.

Stable Cell Line Antibody Production Workflow

  • Plasmid Vector :
    pAB03(with Fc) + Fd
    pAB04 + LC
  • Host Cell :
    293 or CHO-S
  • QC Data:
    IgG Antibody Coomassie Blue
    IgG Antibody ELISA


  • Secretory Expression in Mammalian Cells for Better Folding and Post-Translational Modifications
  • Production in Serum-Free Medium to Facilitate One-Step Purification with High Purity
  • Cell Line Adapted to Suspension Growth with High Productivity, Stability, and Quality
  • Amenable to Antibody Reformatting and Engineering (Fab, scFv, Fc, and tag)
  • Short Turnaround Time (3 months)


  • IHC, IP, and FC
  • Antibody Pairing and ELISA Kit
  • Research and In Vitro Diagnostics
  • Secondary Antibody
  • Isotype Control Antibody
  • Affinity Purification Antibody
  • Nano-Delivery Antibody

For any inquiry, please contact : OEM@abnova.com